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Common myths

There are many myths about HIV, such as:

  • If you get HIV you?ll die soon
  • There are no symptoms of HIV
  • Only gay men get HIV
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About HIV

Many people have questions about HIV. What is HIV? How is it passed on? How can I protect myself? Is there a cure?

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30 years of HIV diagnosis

Read stories of people diagnosed in the 80s, 90's, 00's and 10's

Ideas for fundraising

There are many ways you can raise funds:

  • Bake Aware
  • Recycle or give as you shop
  • Join us at an event
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HIV is a growing problem. Protecting yourself and raising awareness will help stop the spread of HIV and reduce the stigma.

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What you have asked us…

“Can fleas give me HIV?”

Find out what the public has been asking the National AIDS Trust about HIV.


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