Bake Aware

Anyone can bake aware! Just get your apron on and get baking!

One of the most fun and popular ways to Act Aware and raise funds for NAT (National AIDS Trust) is to 'Bake Aware for NAT' — also a great excuse to share some tasty treats.



Not enough people understand basic HIV facts, and it is this lack of awareness that causes stigma and discrimination in a number of areas such as schools, workplaces and healthcare systems. This World AIDS Day we want people to raise awareness by holding a NATea Party. There are loads of ways that you could do this, whether it’s bringing in some yummy creations into the office or getting together with your mates for some posh canapés and cocktails.

We have a created a how-to-pack with all the information you need for your NATea Party, including top tips on how to make it a big success — including a recipes and fundraising advice. 

Download our NATea Party pack here

Please let us know about your parties by emailing with your pictures. 

Celebrities supporting 'Bake Aware for NAT'

Yotam Ottolenghi "What a great excuse to bake and share and eat cake!"
Yotam Ottolenghi



Tim Kinneard

"Bake Aware is a fantastic initiative for an important cause. NAT’s Bake Aware pack is fun and makes it easy for you to take part... so why not sign up and show that you’re acting aware and supporting people with HIV in the UK! I’m delighted to donate my delicious sour cherry macaron recipe and hope it will encourage you to get baking for NAT!"
Tim Kinnaird, former MasterChef runner-up, 2010 - and Head of Macarons & More

Jane Asher

"Baking is such an enjoyable and friendly branch of cookery, and it's fantastic to be able to use it for this wonderful initiative. What could be better than making and eating some of the delicious recipes in the Bake Aware pack (or one of your own favourites) and at the same time have the satisfaction of knowing that all the money you raise will go towards this very important cause? I hope Bake Aware has the huge success it deserves and that you and everyone involved has great fun taking part."
Jane Asher, Jane Asher Party Cakes

"At Buttercup Cake Shop, we are pleased to lend our support to Bake Aware! Baking for others is an excellent way to show you care while at the same time doubling the pleasure for you. Baking can be as simple or as complex as you like... what’s important is to have fun with it and know that no matter the outcome, your efforts will be generating good results!"
Buttercup Cake Shop

"I love baking, and more than that I love when friends share their baking and their recipes. It is life affirming and I think Bake Aware is a wonderful thing."
Kirsty Wark 

NAT wants to thank Jayne Harrison for giving us permission to use her red ribbon cupcake images!

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