Real stories

Getting tested and diagnosed

The journey between taking a test, receiving an HIV diagnosis and dealing with this

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Getting treatment and care

Managing HIV day-to-day involves medication, care and support

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Money worries and extra support

The challenges of accessing benefits, getting appropriate housing, and coping with limited income and poverty

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Getting and keeping a job

Managing HIV in the workplace and communicating with colleagues about HIV

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Telling other people and their attitudes

Decisions on telling other and their reactions – and how stigma can affect people’s lives

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Dealing with the legal and immigration system

The particular challenges of dealing with the police, criminal justice system, immigration process and living in prison

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Support a campaign

We campaign on a range of issues affecting people living with HIV. Find out how you can get involved and support our work.

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What will you do to Act Aware?

Inspire others and tell us how you're getting involved.

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