I am creative…


Fancy yourself a creative genius? Always had a bit of a flair for the dramatic? Well why not channel the creative juices into a project to help raise funds for NAT?

Bake Aware

Anyone can bake aware! Just get your apron on and get baking!

Bake cakes and sell them at work or in the office, challenge your friends as to who can whip up the most creative (and delicious!) red ribbon themed treats, or simply hold a get together at home to share the goodies! For ideas on recipes and how to use them, check out our NATea Party Pack here.

Hear what the Pros have to say!

"Baking is such an enjoyable and friendly branch of cookery, and it's fantastic to be able to use it for this wonderful initiative. What could be better than making and eating some of the delicious recipes in the Bake Aware pack (or one of your own favourites) and at the same time have the satisfaction of knowing that all the money you raise will go towards this very important cause? I hope Bake Aware has the huge success it deserves and that you and everyone involved has great fun taking part."
Jane Asher, Jane Asher Party Cakes

"I love baking, and more than that I love when friends share their baking and their recipes. It is life affirming and I think Bake Aware is a wonderful thing."
Kirsty Wark

Act It Out

Putting on a play or musical in aid of NAT is a great way to raise funds for our vital work and to raise awareness of HIV in the UK. Dedicate your drama group's next show to NAT or put on a special performance to help highlight this important cause. Download a copy of our theatre pack to find out more or contact (fundraising@nat.org.uk)

Thank you to our supporters